Principal Investigator - Jared Schwartzer, Ph.D.


Dr. Schwartzer's research interests are broadly aimed to study the development of the social brain and identify how genetic and environmental influences alter the expression of social behaviors. His cross-cutting training in rodent social behavior, brain development, and neuroimmunology, uniquely positions his research to explore the development of mental illness through the intersections of psychology, neuroscience and immunology. 

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Curriculum Vitae


Postdoctoral Fellow - Jamie Church, Ph.D.

Jamie Church, Ph.D.jpg

Dr. Church is a Western Massachusetts native, curious about how the nervous and immune systems interact and how environmental factors, diet, and exercise influence their relationship. She is enjoys sharing her love of neuroscience with the public through community outreach events. Her long-term goal is to remain in Western Massachusetts as a faculty member educating and mentoring the next generation of scientists. 

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Curriculum Vitae


Undergraduate Students

Felicity Emerson '17, Neuroscience and Behavior
Megan Johnson '17, Neuroscience and Behavior
Maddy Berkowitz-Cerasano '18, Neuroscience and Behavior
Jaemarie Solyst '19, Neuroscience and Behavior
Becca Goodier '19, Neuroscience and Behavior
Fiona Chace-Donahue '20, (Undecided)


Lab Alumni

Morgan Coburn '17, Neuroscience and Behavior
Katherine Suen '16, Psychology & Education
Samantha Bilton '16, Neuroscience and Behavior
Prakruti Nanda '15, Neuroscience and Behavior
Ellie Steffens '15, Neuroscience and Behavior
Lauren Altomare '15, Neuroscience and Behavior
Katie Gill '15, Psychology